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Donaldson Animal Hospital was established in 1969 in Lake Orion, Michigan.

Our Modern facility was built with the idea of providing comprehensive, up-to-date veterinary medical and surgical care for our patients. Our hospital is well respected in the community and we are known for our compassionate care. Our kind and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the most professional and comprehensive veterinary care for you and your pet.

Please call us at (248) 391-2000 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

We are open Monday - Saturday please click here to view directions and hours.

We are located at: 2681 S. Lapeer Road, Lake Orion MI 48360

If you are experiencing an emergency please call our after hours support at:
Blue Pearl 
(248) 371-3713 or
Oakland Veterinary Referral Service
(248) 334-6877.
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ePet Health 

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Helpful Info

  • bladderstones

    Bladder stones are rock-like formations of minerals that develop in the urinary bladder. 

  • Kidney Failure - Acute in Cats

    Acute renal failure (ARF) or acute kidney failure refers to the sudden failure of the kidneys to perform normal filtration duties.

  • Ear Infections in Dogs

    Infection of the external ear canal (outer ear infection) is called otitis externa and is one of the most common types of infections seen in dogs. Some breeds

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